Privacy policy

I run a self-hosted Matomo (née Piwik) installation for web analytics. I configured Matomo to anonymize your IP address and to not use Cookies, so I can’t track if you’ve been here before.

I’m mainly interested in these data points:

I’m proud that this site doesn’t make any requests to third-party servers that would allow web companies to track you. I self-host analytics, I don’t use web fonts, and I don’t use the official snippets social media companies provide for embedding tweets or videos.

Let’s try to keep the web open!

How to opt out of analytics tracking

My Matomo installation respects your browser’s Do Not Track header, so the easiest way to opt out of being tracked is to enable this setting in your browser’s preferences. (Sadly, Apple removed Do Not Track support in Safari in early 2019.)

Moreover, Matomo is a popular analytics package, so I’m sure almost every ad/tracker blocker blocks it by default. And you really shouldn’t be browsing the web without a blocker!


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