About me

Hi, I’m Ole, and I live in Berlin. Thanks for visiting my site.

I build iOS and Mac apps, mostly as a contractor, and I write about software development. I’m co-author of a book titled Advanced Swift. You should check it out, I’m really proud of it. If you’d like to get notified when I publish a new article, you can subscribe to my RSS feed.

By popular request, here’s a sound sample of me pronouncing my name. Feel free to turn this into something more comfortable for you to pronounce if you’d like to mention me in a talk or something. I appreciate it!

Pronouns: he/him

I’d love to hear your feedback on this site and my work. You can reach me here:

About this site

I use Middleman to build this site. The build process has gotten a little slow over the years and I probably wouldn’t build on top of Middleman again if I were starting from scratch now, but it has served me well and I still like it for its flexibility.

I write my articles in Markdown (with some extensions for footnotes and code blocks) and store the site in a Git repository for change tracking.