Ole Begemann

Hi, I’m Ole. I’m a developer from Berlin and co-author of Advanced Swift. Here, I mainly write about Swift and app on Apple platforms. More about me.

Recent Articles

  1. Fun with String Interpolation

    Swift lets you customize how your own types can be initialized from a string literal containing interpolation segments. Despite some severe flaws in the current string interpolation API (as of Swift 3.0), it is already surprisingly powerful. More >

    January 25, 2017

  2. Working with Asynchronous Objective-C APIs in Swift

    Many asynchronous Objective-C APIs pass you two optional values in their completion handler, which makes working with them in Swift a little inconvenient. I present a simple convenience initializer for the Result type that helps me contain the ugly logic in a single place. More >

    January 19, 2017