My Favorite Tech Blogs

After yesterday’s list of my favorite programming blogs, let me continue this little series with another collection, this time naming my favorite bloggers who write about Apple and the rest of the industry, life as small developers in the App Store ecosystem and similar themes, but not about actual code.

To me, this list represents a good mix of frequently updated sites with mostly short posts and blogs that consist of long articles but have a lower update frequency. Again, most of the following names are probably not new to you but I hope the list is useful anyway. So here goes:

Daring Fireball by John Gruber The best part of the link posts is John’s snarky commentary, and his long-form articles are consistently well-written and well-argued.

Marco Arment Despite being a very successful developer, Marco almost never writes about programming. I like his opinionated posts about everything Apple and the rest of the industry. You just have to skip over all the headphones reviews.

Stratēchery by Ben Thompson Ben writes so much that I sometimes find it hard to keep up. His thoughtful analyses of Apple and the rest of the mobile market are always great reads, though.

Square Signals by Andy Matuschak Andy works on UIKit at Apple. He does not post very often and, naturally, never writes about his work. I thoroughly enjoy reading his ideas.

Wil Shipley Another veteran from the NeXT times who writes just once or twice a year but has a great tale to tell occasionally.

Paul Graham Essays on the world of startups and venture capital in Silicon Valley.

Little Big Details Your daily dose of design inspiration. A collection of delightfully designed details in websites and apps.

Ignore the Code by Lukas Mathis Lukas mostly writes about software design. He also had a very interesting series of articles on Nintendo and the video game industry recently.

David Barnard David has regularly posted about his experiences in the App Store and has freely shared his findings and ideas about selling apps as an indie developer. I hope he continues to do so in the future.

Revert to Saved by Craig Grannell A blog on technology, Apple, gaming and design.

SplatF by Dan Frommer Commentary on all things tech with the right posting frequency for my taste (i.e., not too often).

Apple Outsider by Matt Drance Former Apple evangelist turned iOS developer writes about Apple and the industry.

Coding Horror by Jeff Atwood Jeff is the co-founder of Stack Overflow. Being a Windows/.NET guy who builds his own PCs (although he does like the iPad), he often has a fresh perspective on things from outside the Apple camp.

Bitsplitting by Daniel Jalkut I especially liked Daniel’s focus on developer ethics and integrity in his recent posts. I think we as a community should debate this topic much more than we have done in the past.

Carpeaqua by Justin Williams I might as well have included Justin on the other list since he does write about actual code from time to time. But most of his posts are about life on the App Store as a small developer and everything that is related to that.

David Smith Another small developer who regularly shares his insight on surviving in the App Store. David’s iOS version stats (collected from his own apps) make the rounds on Twitter a few times a year.