iOS and Mac Development Link Roundup: July 2011

Here is my summary of the past month in links:

Lion and Xcode 4.1

Apple released OS X Lion on July 20th. If you haven’t read John Siracusa’s epic Lion review yet, I encourage you to do so. Reading it takes some time but it’s worth it.

I listed some of the exciting new developer APIs in an earlier post, with a follow-up article still in the works. Together with OS X 10.7, Apple also launched the final version of Xcode 4.1. Read Martin Pilkington’s extensive Xcode 4.1 review to learn what’s new on that front.



  • Matt Gemmell: Apps vs. the Web

  • Twin brothers Semyon and Efim Voinov share the story of Cut the Rope.

  • Steve Streza highlights a problem with iCloud: not only do developers implementing iCloud bind themselves to Apple platforms, it also prevents them from creating a web-based component for their app. At least unless Apple made a server-to-server API for iCloud available: iCloud and Ecosystem Lock-In.

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