“Just when you think things couldn't get any worse”

The patent madness continues: Indian company Kootol thinks they invented (and patented) Twitter and targets not only most of the Silicon Valley crème de la crème but also Twitter app developers.

Just six weeks after Lodsys, the Iconfactory is hit again. Sad quote of the day:

I became an independent developer to control my own destiny. I no longer do.



July 15, 2011

Craig Hockenberry also wrote an excellent blog post about this issue a few days ago: The Rise and Fall of the Independent Developer. Great read.

Stop selling software in the US?

The Guardian has already identified a trend: App developers withdraw from US as patent fears reach ‘tipping point’:

All my apps removed from US app stores (all platforms). 0.575% of total revenue put in a spare bank account. Screw you, Lodsys.



July 13, 2011

Is that really the only resort we have? There must be a better option to stop this insanity.