Best iOS and Mac Development-Related Links: February 2011

(My end-of-the-month summary of interesting posts from across the blogosphere has become a regular thing, but I needed a new name for it. Now that I am officially also a Mac developer, it’s not just about iOS anymore.)

A lot has happened in February: The Verizon iPhone came out. Apple announced App Store subscriptions and with them new rules for content publishers regarding In-App purchases. HP announced the TouchPad and Google launched Honeycomb a. k. a. the first Android version for tablets. Nokia adopts Windows Phone 7. And last but not least, we got the first developer seed of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.

Here is my summary of the past month in links:

OS X Lion

Apple released the first preview version of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion to registered Mac developers. Interestingly, they use the Mac App Store to distribute the preview build (and I thought beta software was not allowed on the App Store!).

If you have access to the developer seed, you should really try it out, there is a lot of great new stuff in there. I absolutely love Lion already! Required reading:

One especially interesting tidbit from the many thing that have already leaked about Lion is that apparently, Apple is going to ditch the vision of resolution independence and going the “Retina” display route on the desktop, as well: people found @2x version of images in Lion.

Before the Lion preview came out, Andy Ihnatko speculated about a future OS X/iOS mashup OS he calls iX. Interesting read.


UI Design

  • iOS Inspires Me, “Showcase of the best looking iPhone & iPad app icons, app interfaces, app websites & resources”.
  • Android Patterns is cool site that lists common UI design patterns on the Android platform. It is sort of like Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines, but extensible. Does anyone know of a similar site for iOS design patterns?
  • In this great post from November 2010, George Kokkinidis shows Remnants of a Disappearing UI: how fingerprints on the iPad touchscreen can reveal which app was used.
  • Langwich, an interesting new service to help translate your app into other languages.

The App Store

The Competition

  • Rarely has a big-corporation CEO been so honest in his assessment of his company’s situation as Nokia CEO Stephen Elop in his memo to Nokia employees. A few days later, former Microsoft executive Elop announced that Nokia would adopt Windows Phone 7. Matt Drance in Microsoft Buys Nokia for $0B: We like to think of Steve Ballmer throwing chairs when his executives leave. I think this time he told Elop, Fine. Go get me some hardware I can own. Elop did.
  • Techcrunch has a first look at Honeycomb, the first Android version that is focused on tablets.
  • Nice roundup of HP’s webOS and TouchPad introduction event by Sebastiaan de With. The TouchPad looks good. Too bad we will have to wait another six months until it will be available.
  • The grass isn’t always greener on the other side; developers on other platforms have been complaining:
    • Ian Beck writes a Love letter to WebOS that quickly turns into a rant about the stunning disregard for their app developers that HP exhibited at their latest event.
    • Jamie Murai: You Win, RIM! An open lament about the setup, installation and deployment process of RIM’s SDK. RIM replies.
  • The Android Market grew by an impressive 860 % in 2010, but it is still behind RIM’s and Nokia’s app stores in terms of revenue. No wonder most developers are sticking with iOS, despite Android having a similar market share. Monetization matters.