Picture Effects Is Now $0.99

pictureeffectsapp.com screenshot
The new web site.

I have lowered the price for Picture Effects to $0.99 today, so now is a great chance to get it. This is basically an experiment for myself to see how sales will develop compared to the former price tag of $2.99. I haven’t yet determined how long it will last. I’ll leave the price at $0.99 for at least a week and then reevaluate. I think it’s really good value, especially if you consider that Picture Effects is a universal app. I still haven’t had the chance to see the app on an actual iPad myself, but from the feedback I’ve received it seems to work really well.

Working on updates

I’ve also been working on the first update that will bring some small UI improvements and a German translation. And to top it off, I improved the pictureeffectsapp.com site today. The design is now cleaner, I added a screencast of the iPhone version in action, and I switched from embedded YouTube videos to HTML 5 video elements. Now the site renders very nicely on the iPad, too (at least on the iPad Simulator).

Can I ask you for a customer review?

If you have purchased Picture Effects and you would like to see it improve in the future, could I kindly ask you to leave an honest rating and/or review on the App Store? Having a number of meaningful reviews would help me tremendously in getting more exposure to Picture Effects. Thank you very much!