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iOS and Mac Development Link Roundup: August 2011

August is traditionally the month of slow news. Not so in this year’s tech scene. The patent war between the giant tech companies is becoming hotter and hotter. I have long lost track of who is suing whom, but Apple seems to be better positioned than most other players. Google buys Motorola, presumably at least partly for its patent portfolio. HP wants to get rid of its PC business, killing off WebOS on the way out. Apple became the world’s most valuable public company. And Steve Jobs resigned as CEO.

What are the implications of all of this for us developers? Probably none in the short term but it will keep being interesting what happens next. Here is my summary of the past month in programming-related links:



But customers don’t care about the hard work that went into the 90%. They only notice the flaws or omissions in the 10%. … An important takeaway for software developers is that the missing 10%, or the missing one-tenth of 10%, may be something that will take a great deal of work to get right, but it may be something you simply overlooked the importance of.

Forget trying to have the most features – as your users will tell you, it’s all about the experience of using your finished app. … The success of iOS (and Apple) is largely due to focusing ruthlessly on the user, and understanding that the best way to do that is to make the hard choices before ever releasing a product. Remove features. Get rid of options. Don’t ask the user to make decisions.

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  1. I love it that Federico cites my friend and fellow Berlin-based developer Oliver Fürniß, creator of Mr. Reader as a prime example of such a trusted indie developer.