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A Proposal for Better Browser Window Management

January 20, 2015

It feels like external links never open in the right browser window.

Code vs. Poetry

January 13, 2015

Google engineer Nina Kang talks about the commonalities and differences between code and literature in an episode for the Working podcast.

iPhone 6 Plus Pixel Peeping Follow-up

December 17, 2014

After posting iPhone 6 Plus Pixel Peeping, several people asked if and how the results would change if Display Zoom was activated. So I did some more tests on the iPhone 6 Plus and also tested with an iPhone 6.

Dan Grossman’s Programming Languages Course

December 10, 2014

Where I rave about Dan Grossman’s Programming Languages MOOC.

Out of Touch

December 9, 2014

Apple’s remarkable track record of bad decisions in the past few months makes me wonder if management has completely lost touch with reality.